In the early 1980's, Taylor Machine Works created Taylor Power Systems to distribute industrial engines and manufacture generator sets. Throughout its 80 year history, Taylor Machine Works - which manufactures heavy machinery for industries worldwide - has maintained a reputation of having unparalleled products... with service to match.Taylor Power Systems is no different!
Since its foundation, Taylor Power Systems has manufactured generator sets for a wide variety of applications - from office buildings and nursing homes to sewage treatment plants - from the telecommunications to agricultural industries. In the early 1990's, Taylor Power Systems became a driving force in the prime power and intermodal generator set industry. Today, thousands of Taylor's units are operating in some of the most hostile environments on Earth:
  • In blazing 140°F heat while being pummelled by blinding sand storms in Death Valley.
  • Through - 40°F and 70 mph winds in driving snow storms.
  • Fastened under 18-wheelers being unmercifully jarred by every pot hole on the highway, even through punishing rains and damaging salt spray.
  • Slamming into the equivalent of a brick wall at 5 to 10 mph on the railroads.
Most generator set manufacturers would call this customer abuse. At Taylor Power Systems, we call it the real world. And we design every unit to survive, even thrive, in it. Taylor Power Systems...Your 21st Century Power Source!

Taylor Power Systems

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